Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: My Review.

Every Tomb needs a Raider.

Every Raider needs a Tomb.

She is the Tomb Raider.

Words I have said since I first played the series back in 1997.

Well Lara is back and shes tracking down Trinity. Will  she be able to stop them once and for all, only time will tell. Well lets start with the visuals. As with all technology getting better visuals in Tomb Raider just keep getting better but I feel as a Tomb Raider fan I prefer the graphic quality of Tomb Raider Underworld. Yes there is more detail to the Tombs and the lighting effects are well done but i dont feel the atmosphere i felt with Underworld inregard to the scenery. Give me the Jungles and Islands of Underworld to the Jungles of Shadow any day.

The Sound effects are a very strong point and have always been great through out the series. From the sound of Lara drawing her bow to the growling of the local wildlife and a sound track to bring mystery to the enviroment. This is a great quality to the game. I will admit the sound of Lara strugling to breath underwater will make you panic some times and will make you panic as a gamer.

But that is not what i like most of all. Crystal Dynamics have brought back a real classic feel to the game from more imagenative gauntlet runs. These bring me back to the old boulder running while leaping traps from the days of the classic series. But this time round the gaunlet runs are all about jumping on roofs and across debris as flash floods and land slides start to happen. Feels like a true way for Lara to survive. Another great classic feel is the large amount of Tombs and puzzles. Especialy the Tomb challenges them selfs. With caves full of abandend ships and puzzles involving light and water what more could you ask. Many fans have been calling for classic Tomb Raider to come back and this nailed it. Some reviews have complained about there being to many puzzles in this one but as a classic fan I like It. Staying on the classic front without giving to much away story wise. I get a sense of The Last Revelation in the game. Lara takes an Artifact, Lara causes somethink bad to happen. Will the poor girl ever learn. And another tribute to the classics that i love is that Lara goes back to where it all began. The Country of peru. I hope that the next Tomb Raider game to come will be just as close to the classic series as this one has been. And will we ever see Lara with her iconic duel pistols again. Well we might have to wait to see what the next adventure holds.

Over all I love the classic Tomb Raider feel and would rate this game

9 and half/10. The reason why I took half a mark off is down to the fact that I personaly feel that Tomb Raider 2 had the rite balance of puzzle and action for me and this one only Just fell short but i would still say it is now my new 2nd favourite game to the series.