Over the years Lara has become a well respected Computer game Character. But she has also featured in her own card and board games as well. Here we are going to take a look at them. Also I have provided A download for the Tomb Raider Underworld board game rules translated into English.

Tomb Raider Collector Card Game

Tomb Raider Collector Card Game
Tomb Raider Collector Card Game

In 1999 Lara had her own Card game where the cards were used to create Levels of adventure featuring location Screen shots from the original computer game series. You had cards to represent Weapons, Enemies, Treasure, Locations and of course, Lara herself. The aim of the game was simple. Lay the cards out on a table in a board format and get from the bottom to the top to get the Treasure. There were 3 different sets released in total. The original, Slippery when wet. and Big Guns. With over 400 cards to collect, You are able to create your own board layouts. Can be played solo or as a group. And what's even more cute is you even get a little Lara counter as well!

Tomb Raider. The Angel Of Darkness.

Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness
Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness

In this board game you take on the role of  Lara or the bad guys as she has to search for clues around a museum to clear her name for a murder that she did not commit! It is based on certain parts of the Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness game. The board is made of tile sections which you use cards to rotate and move along them. Will Lara be able to prove her innocence?

Tomb Raider Underworld.

In this board game you take on the part of Lara as she travels the world to defeat Natla. Each board piece represents a level from the Underworld video game and can be played by you or as a cooperative group game. On a roll of the dice Lara must collect weapons and treasure as well as the major artifact, Thor's Belt and Hammer in order to fulfill the game. There are tokens you have to collect through your journey to help with obstacles and defeating enemies. Can you reach the end of this challenge with Lara?


Please note that the game rules are in French but you can download the rules in English below.

Rules for Underworld Board Game In English

Tomb Raider Underworld board game (English)
Due to the fact that the Tomb Raider Underworld board game was only made in French I have created a Translated version of the rule book in English. I hope that this helps Many fans to play the game like it has helped me. The file is in PDF format.
Tomb Raider Underworld Board Game.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 261.5 KB
Word 2007 Copy Of file (English)
Tomb Raider Underworld Board Game.docx
Microsoft Word Document 322.5 KB

I do apologize for any inaccuracies with the translation. I used google translation to produce these documents to the best of my ability.

Tomb Raider Legends. The Board Game

Review coming soon.